Vegan Business Raises R$1.5M for Vegan Brazilian Companies in Just Three Months

Equity crowdfunding platform Vegan Business has helped three vegan Brazilian companies raise a combined R$1.5M in the space of three months.

Over 2000 Brazilians have now signed up to the platform, which is the first of its kind exclusively for vegan businesses in Brazil. The amount of funding raised so far is impressive, given that Vegan Business only received authorization to operate from the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission late last year.

The companies

The first company to raise funding using Vegan Business was Chameleon Sun, a vegan sunscreen brand created by two former Nike executives. The company secured R$505,000 with participation from 23 investors.

Next was plant milk brand Purifica, which raised R$375,000 from 55 investors. Finally, cashew cheese producer Novah! raised the largest sum yet — R$600,000 — with 108 investors.

vegan Brazilian companies
© Vegan Business

About the platform

Vegan Business was founded by Danish-Brazilian investor Christian “Crica” Wolthers. The startups presented to investors on the platform are carefully curated, taking into account factors such as their team, product, market size, and growth potential. Wolthers is also an adviser to UK investment fund Veg Capital, helping companies such as Brazilian chocolate brand Super Vegan to raise funding.

“I’m extremely delighted to see the interest from people in Brazil in supporting sustainable, plant-based, and cruelty-free businesses. We now have 2300 registered investors on Vegan Business, and I keep getting amazed to see everything from 15 to 30 new registrations on our platform every single day,” said Wolthers.

He added, “We are now also receiving interest from investors outside of Brazil wanting to invest via our platform. This will also help us to be able to support even more plant-based companies and achieve greater financing rounds.”

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