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GlassWall Syndicate and GFI Launch Emerging Growth Consortium – First Network for Later Stage Investors

GlassWall Syndicate (GWS), the world’s largest network of plant-based and cultivated meat investors, is launching the Emerging Growth Consortium – a first-of-its-kind investor group for later-stage institutional investors. Created with knowledge partner The Good Food Institute (GFI), the consortium will provide Series B and beyond investors with a formal network that specifically caters to their needs, and increases investor capacity to support this thriving sector. 

“[We] believe this is a monumental initiative”

According to GWS, it can be difficult for alternative protein companies to obtain emerging growth raises such as Series B and Series C due to the high-tech and capital-intensive nature of the industry. However, such investment is imperative to the long-term success of plant-based and cultivated protein and their powerful potential to benefit the environment, human health and animal welfare. By bringing together specialist, sustainability-oriented, and generalist investors, the consortium will help fund these critical later-stage investment rounds. 

In addition, GWS says the consortium offers investors a time-efficient and fit-for-purpose solution for problems often encountered when considering later-stage investments, such as conducting technical due diligence and accessing a high-quality deal flow. 

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“I am thrilled that The Good Food Institute is working with the GlassWall Syndicate as a knowledge partner to launch the Emerging Growth Consortium,” said Sharyn Murray, Investment Engagement Manager at GFI. “Together, we can offer a solution to many of the common challenges institutional investors face when exploring the alternative protein industry.”

A unique network

Founded in 2017, GWS is a nonprofit network made up of foundations, trusts, non-profits, and individual investors with an investment thesis focused on making a difference in the lives of animals, people and the planet. Its members include Blue Horizon, Stray Dog Capital, Fifty Years, Green Monday, and New Crop Capital, among other prominent investors. 

GlassWall Syndicate Launches New Consortium
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“As we witnessed the rapid growth of alternative protein companies, it became clear that we also needed to build the first-ever network of institutional investors focused on Series B and beyond raises to match the maturation of the industry,” says Macy Marriot, Director at GlassWall Syndicate. “We’ve designed the Emerging Growth Consortium with the unique needs of later-stage investors in mind and believe this is a monumental initiative that will support the advancement of emerging growth alternative protein companies.” 

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