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Hooked Foods Raises SEK10M From Top-Tier Investors & Opens Crowdfunding Campaign

After securing another ten million Swedish kronor (around $967,000) for its sustainable plant-based seafood, Swedish company Hooked Foods has announced its first limited crowdfunding round on Crowdcube.

“We closed our raise with top tier investors, will continue to grow and YOU now have the unique opportunity to join our wave and invest in this round as well. Take your chance below, get your spot in our limited crowdfunding and join our movement!” said Tom Johansson, co-founder and CEO at Hooked Foods, on social media.

Toonish Tomat, Hooked
© Hooked Foods

A healthier seafood ecosystem

Hooked was born in 2019 after Tom Johansson and Emil Wasteson were challenged to create a sustainable plant-based alternative to seafood to lead the transition to a healthier ecosystem.

The company says that to date, it has raised €5 million from a limited group of reputable impact investors, including Brightly Ventures, Oyster Bay VC, Veg Capital, Katapult Ocean, ProVeg, Kale United, and local music legend Danny Saucedo.

Hooked Foods team
©Hooked Foods

More sustainable solutions

Hooked’s portfolio includes alternatives to salmon, fish sticks, and tuna. At the beginning of the company’s commercial journey, the products were only available at restaurants. In 2021, Hooked’s tomato-flavoured tuna alternative arrived on supermarket shelves, before being joined by the rest of the range last September.

After launching its salmon alternative, Salmoonish,  Hooked said it had been inundated with positive consumer feedbackOne customer, who has been vegan for seven years, said they “cried tears of joy” at the taste, describing it as identical to conventional salmon. Another said that Salmoonish “tastes and smells like salmon in a scary way”, while a third said the product “would probably fool anyone”.

The company also reported 25% month-over-month growth and 300% estimated growth for 2022.

“When great people join forces, extraordinary things are made. Hooked Foods is a revolt against the forces of darkness in the seafood industry. A revolt against the mindless destructive fishing methods, overpopulated and polluted industry fish farms and the massive amounts of bycatch being caught everyday from our oceans & marine ecosystems. This is happening right now and Hooked is fighting this day by day with more sustainable solutions,” added Johansson.

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