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Canada’s Protein Powered Farms Acquires Meatless Farms Subsidiary Lovingly Made Ingredients

Protein Powered Farms, the owner and operator of Canada’s largest plant protein extraction facility, has announced the acquisition of Lovingly Made Ingredients, a subsidiary of well-known UK plant-based meat brand Meatless Farm. 

Lovingly Made Ingredients operates an extrusion facility for plant-based products in Calgary, Alberta. Constructed by Meatless Farms in 2021 to capture the North American plant-based meat market, it is said to be Canada’s largest extrusion facility. In a separate acquisition move, Meatless Farms was famously taken over by VFC this summer after facing bankruptcy. Impressively, the company returned to business almost immediately and its products were swiftly relisted at Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Ocado. 

Shannon Hood-Niefer, CTO of Lovingly Made Ingredients, said, “I am really excited about this acquisition. I have spent over 15 years developing products using extrusion for companies of all sizes, I look forward to working with Lovingly Made’s existing products and customers as well as expanding their product offering.”

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The best plant-based proteins

Located in Saskatchewan, Protein Powered Farms is a vertically integrated ingredient supplier of extruded plant-based proteins, starches, and fibers for food and feed. The company sells its products through Sunnydale Foods Inc

According to Protein Powered Farms, the newly acquired facility will be open for co-manufacturing opportunities, offering customized plant protein blends for multiple applications. Besides its regular offer, the company will introduce pea and faba proteins, specifically for dairy-free products, and fibers made from pulses. 

Heidi Dutton, CEO of Protein Powered Farms, believes that with the new acquisition, the company will be able to meet its client’s needs by providing the best ingredients for plant-based solutions.

President of Lovingly Made Ingredients, Chris Shields, also shared: “I am delighted with the acquisition. The vertical integration adds an additional layer of expertise and ensures a strong future for the business. The Protein Powered Farms team has a wealth of experience that will drive further innovation and maintain a customer-focused business.”

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