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Veg Capital Invests in Young Chef’s World Cuisine Inspired Vegan Ready Meals

Veg Capital announces an investment in vegan ready meal startup Jam ‘n’ Vegan. The brand produces a range of culturally inspired dishes inspired by chef Kyle Parchment’s world travels and has already gained a following in the UK, racking up over 1000 positive reviews.

“We have big visions for the future of Jam ‘n’ Vegan and are thrilled to be joining this journey,” Matthew Glover

The brand’s continually expanding range includes both traditional and unfamiliar dishes from around the world with a vegan twist, including Jackfruit Mutton with Rice and Peas, Drunken Laska Noodles (pictured below), Tuk Tuk Tikka, Thai Mango Curry, This is Not Butter Chicken, East African Bean Stew with Jollof Rice, and Caribbean Mac n Cheez with Jerk Crumb.

Jam N Vegan Team with Matthew Glover
©Jam ‘n’ Vegan

Veg Capital led the seed round with a £200,000 investment and will join the board to help Parchment to expand his team, starting with a marketing manager to further grow the brand and expand reach, and diversify routes to market to bring retail and food service distribution in addition to the current D2C home delivery service.

Says Veg Capital co-founder and MD Matthew Glover: “Kyle has managed to capture a mood with his range; it is a true celebration of our world of wonderful and diverse cultures. And just as importantly, he is a master of flavour, working his magic to create dishes that are both unique and delicious.”

Drunken Laska Noodles Jam N Vegan
Drunken Laska Noodles © Jam ‘n’ Vegan

Glover adds, “At Veg Capital we have all been inspired by how Kyle has overcome the odds to build his company from his mum’s kitchen to where it is now. We have big visions for the future of Jam ‘n’ Vegan and are thrilled to be joining this journey.”

Kyle Parchment is excited about his brand’s new direction: “I may not have been dealt the best cards in life, but I was brought up to have the deepest respect for culture, and I want to honour this with my food, and prove that with passion, dedication, and determination, the sky is the limit. I’m so excited to welcome Veg Capital into the Jam Fam and am bursting with ideas to celebrate all the beautiful differences in the world through taste, sound, and vision.”

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