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Mamamade Raises £1.5 Million in Record-Setting Pre-Seed Round for Healthy Baby Food

Mamamade, a UK brand specializing in plant-based infant and toddler nutrition, announces the successful closing of a record-setting investment round, bringing the company’s total pre-seed raise to £1.5 million. 

The company received funding from an oversubscribed raise on crowdfunding site Seedrs, as well as investment from an array of executives and founders at Allplants,, Heals, Design my Night, Bulb and Xexec. 

Founded in London by Sophie and Ian Baron, Mamamade was initially launched from the couple’s home kitchen. Since then, the brand has quickly expanded to nationwide delivery and is expected to record annual revenue of £10 million next year. 

founder Mamamade

Building better baby food

Mamamade delivers fresh, nutrient-dense meals for babies and toddlers directly to consumers. Designed by top nutritionists and chefs, all of the products are made in-house in a dedicated facility, says the company.  The plant-based meals are free from the eight major allergens and meet strict organic requirements. 

Like the US brand Yumi, Mamamade was created to help parents solve the challenge of preparing homemade baby food (a time-consuming task) or buying subpar, processed foods from the store. Also like Yumi, Mamamade utilizes data technology to more effectively interact with parents. 

While Yumi uses algorithms to help parents customize meals, Mamamade’s platform gathers feedback to help improve recipes and develop new products. 

Supporting women in investment

Both companies’ female founders have been vocal about the challenges facing women in entrepreneurship and venture capitalism, which led to Yumi hosting an all-female investment round last month. 

Mamamade’s Sophie Baron commented on the topic and what the latest raise means for her company. “As a female founder, in the infant and plant-based space, it hasn’t been the easiest journey, as from the outset, the door was shut to a large number of investors.

“However, the unprecedented support from our growing community was our inspiration, and in fact many of them are now investors. We are delighted to have secured the funds to take Mamamade to the next level and bring our mission to a wider number of people in the UK and beyond,” added Baron.

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