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New ChickP CEO Completes $8M Series A as Production Doubles 

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ChickP, the Israeli food tech specializing in chickpea protein, has announced a new CEO as its $8 million Series A funding round comes to a close. Liat Lachish Levy comes on board as CEO as the startup also announces a doubling of annual production capacity. 

With ChickP recently expanding into the APAC region with the launch of a new office in Singapore, the $8 million Series A funding round, plus earlier investments totaling $10M, will allow the company to accelerate growth and reach its global goals. ChickP recently doubled the annual production capacity of its concentrated non-GMO, chickpea protein isolate, as it scaled up products such as its one-to-one egg yolk replacement.

ChickP dairy
Image courtesy of ChickP

The funding round included new investors and was backed by strategic partner Growthwell Foods, along with leading investor, Temasek Holdings. Singaporean alt-meat company Growthwell Foods recently launched its latest plant-based line, while global investment firm Temasek has launched the Asia Sustainable Foods Platform to focus on scaling up alt-protein in the region.


CEO Liat Lachish Levy brings over 20 years of executive experience in FMCG retail and food service, including working with leading multinational companies including Kraft-Heinz and The Kellogg Company. She joins with the global scale-up of ChickP at the top of the agenda. 

Liat Lachish Levy ChickP CEO
CEO Liat Lachish Levy ©ChickP

“Over the past few months, ChickP has been planting the seeds for accelerated growth in the US, Europe, and Asia,” stated Lachish Levy. “This investment will bring greater scale-up and commercialization capabilities with our partners for our chickpea isolate ingredient, in multiple territories. Moreover, the expansion of ChickP’s team and opening of our new offices, including an R&D center and applications lab, will support local commercial activities.”

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