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Nicoya AB Invests in Foodiq’s Innovative Alternative Dairy Tech

Foodiq a Nordic co-manufacturer that says it is committed to transforming the food industry, announces it has received investment from Swedish foodtech investment company Nicoya to support the company’s growth and expansion.

According to its own statements, Nicoya has set itself the goal of achieving a positive impact on people, planet and health through the investment. 

Foodiq is currently introducing its dairy-free Multi-Layer Cooking (MLC) technology, which aims to pave the way for ‘next generation’ plant-based foods. According to Foodiq — developer of Fabea+, an ingredient made from fermented fava beans — its MLC technology is intended to create the conditions for a transformative change towards a more sustainable and tastier food future.

Image credit: Foodiq

All-in-one processing

Foodiq’s MLC technology provides the ability to perform multiple functions simultaneously, so mixing, homogenization and pasteurization all take place in one step, eliminating the need for separate equipment. According to the company, this innovative technology is suitable for both the production of large quantities and for the rapid testing of special products. The technology enables the processing of small production batches and ensures rapid adaptation to market requirements. In addition, the versatility of the technology allows for easy upscaling.

Towards a greener future, Foodiq says the food industry is shifting to localized production models that significantly reduce distribution costs and carbon emissions. By minimizing dependence on the global raw material supply chain, this approach aims to create a more sustainable and resilient food industry.

Faba/ Fava Beans

Foodiq’s technology enables the production of a wide range of products, from fermented yogurts to spreadable cheeses and drinkable products. The versatility of these processes allows food industry brands to serve a wide range of consumer preferences.

“We want to lead the plant-based food 2.0 movement with our innovative Multi-Layer Cooking (MLC) technology,” said Robert Savikko, CEO of Foodiq. “By combining sustainability, consumer satisfaction and versatility, we aim to redefine the food industry, one plant-based product at a time.”

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