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Planted Foods Raises 17M Swiss Francs From Investors Including Football Star Yann Sommer

Swiss food-tech company Planted has announced the completion of its Series A financing round, raising 17 million Swiss Francs. The plant-based meat company skips the animal in the value chain to produce meat directly from plants to save animals, water, land and the climate.

Founded in July 2019, Planted has developed plant-based technology which allows it to mimic the fiber structure of various meat types and even add the juiciness consumers miss with some other meat analogues. Planted’s products – including planted.™ chicken, planted.™ pulled and planted.™ kebab – are now available in over 3000 retail locations in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. It also supplies hundreds of foodservice partners and offers B2C sales through its webshop.

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The Series A round is Co-Lead by Blue Horizon Ventures and joined by Swiss football star Yann Sommer amongst other investors. 

“As an athlete, I know the advantages of clean eating. But as a father, I’m also concerned about the environmental sustainability of our planet. That’s why I want to use my voice to raise awareness for plant-based meat substitutes among younger people in particular.” says Yann Sommer, goalkeeper of the Swiss National Team. 

The newly raised capital will be used for its international expansion and bolstering of the R&D platform, including the development of fermentation technologies to enhance product structure and taste. Co-Founder Pascal Bieri says, “We’re excited to further strengthen our international footprint with the current funding, expanding our product range and extend our partner-network”. 

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©Planted Foods

“We will further invest in our structuring and fermentation platforms. Combining structuring technologies with the biochemical toolboxes of natural microorganisms will allow us to create ultimately new products with transformative character – all clean, natural, healthy and tasty.” says Co-Founder Lukas Böni.

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