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Beyond Meat Shares Spike by 39% Following PepsiCo Announcement

Beyond Meat, one of the fastest-growing food companies in the United States, has seen an impressive spike of up to 39% on the stock market. The news comes after an agreement with PepsiCo to establish a new joint venture to produce plant-based snacks and drinks, as announced yesterday.

The latest stock market activity is far from the first significant increase for Beyond Meat. Here we take a look at the key points in its stock market journey: 

  • On its debut in 2019 its stock achieved a sensational gain of 163%, closing at $65.75. It becomes the first plant-based food company to go public on a major exchange. 
  • After collaboration with Tim Horton’s shares triple reaching a high of $93.
  • Following moves into China and Brazil, Beyond Meat stock jumped 3% to close at $131.75 
  • Announcement of Beyond Beef launch means shares rise 4.3% giving a stock value of $157.38.
  • Taco Bell announces that it will be adding Beyond Meat to its menu in the US having previously trialled Beyond Meat at its restaurants in Shanghai. Following the announcement, Beyond Meat stock jumped 14% to $143.23.
McDonald's McPlant
  • In 2020 following the McPlant debacle, the stock jumped 9% to $170.80. 
  • The plant-based meat producer and beverage giant PepsiCo establish The PLANeT Partnership. Although Beyond Meat experienced a considerable share price rise up to $186.83, PepsiCo’s stock was up by less than 1%.
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