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The Nu Company Secures Media Deal to Make Sustainable Chocolate the Norm in Germany

SevenAccelerator announces a media investment in the nu company, the German food tech behind the vegan chocolate brand, nucao, known for its organic and fair trade sourced chocolate and environmentally friendly packaging.

An early-stage venture capital arm of the German mass media and digital company ProSiebenSat.1 Media and part of SevenVentures, a leading TV media investor, SevenAccelerator makes individually tailored investments in consumer-focused startups developing sustainable products. 

The media deal will give nucao advertising exposure through ProSiebenSat.1’s TV and digital media to expand the brand’s awareness and distribution channels across Germany, stated the VC. Additionally, nucao will leverage the expertise of the digital group to reach and engage with specific target audiences to develop its marketing strategy.

A range of nucao's vegan and sustainable chocolate bars
Image courtesy of the nu company

Becoming the standard

Nucao’s advertising campaign on TV and digital platforms began last Monday as part of a media convertible loan program organized by the SevenAccelerator.

Based in Leipzig, nucao aims to revolutionize the chocolate market with its all-organic products with less sugar, plastic-free packaging, and a negative CO2 balance. In 2021, the company raised €14 million in series A funding, which included former F1 world champion and sustainability entrepreneur Nico Rosberg, as well as DX Ventures

Nucao’s chocolate snacks are available in over 10,000 physical stores and online. The nu company has also launched its raw and organic chocolate bar into the Chinese market, rebranded as nuchoc.

Founders Christian Fenner and Mathias Tholey | © nucao
Founders Christian Fenner and Mathias Tholey – Image courtesy of the nu company

Reaching retail

Nucao, as announced by SevenAccelerator, has secured nationwide listings with the supermarket chain REWE for various chocolate bars and snacks. With this media deal, the brand aims to expand its sustainable chocolate offer at drugstores nationwide, including the popular chain dm

“The fact that after KoRo and TiNDLE, another ambitious food startup has decided to work with us for the long term underscores our expertise in brand building and the unchanged strength of TV as an effective advertising medium for consumer-oriented products,” says Maximilian Jochim, managing director of SevenVentures.

Christian Fenner, co-founder and CMO of nucao, states, “With our first TV campaign, we reach 25 million people who see the spot an average of five times. This broad brand exposure brings us closer to our goal of making sustainable chocolates the standard on supermarket shelves. Our creamy recipes have what it takes to compete with conventional chocolates, using significantly less sugar and no artificial additives or palm oil.”

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