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Vegan Business Tribe Collaborates With Crowdfunder to Help Fund Vegan Companies

Vegan Business Tribe, an online community of business owners in the UK, is collaborating with Crowdfunder to help secure funding for vegan organisations. Participating companies will combine their campaigning power to help raise as much funding as possible.

Almost 50 companies applied for the opportunity, taking part in a bootcamp session with Crowdfunder and Vegan Business Tribe. The aim of the session was to learn how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. Following the bootcamp, 20 of the businesses decided to continue with the programme and launch their crowdfunding projects together.

By joining forces, the companies will be able to increase their fundraising potential, and they aim to raise a combined £600,000 — although some businesses are only looking to raise small sums.

The companies taking part in the project include vegan festival VegfestUK, Happy Carrot Skincare, and plant-based dog food brand DoGood.

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A dedicated vegan expert from Crowdfunder is helping the companies with their campaigns. The advantage of crowdfunding over traditional investments is that businesses don’t have to give away equity — instead, supporters are rewarded with gifts or products.

Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular way for companies to raise funding, especially in the UK — British tempeh brand Better Nature launched a crowdfunding campaign just last week. Delivery service allplants and restaurant chain Stem + Glory have also done the same within the past year.

“Our collaboration with Crowdfunder means that businesses can leverage the swell of support from the vegan community,” said Vegan Business Tribe co-founder David Pannell. “By working together, we can support innovative organisations that fill gaps in the plant-based market with new products and services — helping to create a greener, kinder and more vegan world.”

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