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Vegan Launch: The First Vegan Crowdfunding Platform Bringing Together Investors and Plant-Based Entrepreneurs 

Vegan Launch has launched what it claims to be the first vegan public investment crowdfunding platform, allowing the general public to invest in a wide range of vegan startups. The platform aims to be a leading provider of ethical and vegan investment products to the vegan retail investor market.

Having identified the problem that only 1 out of every 200 vegan startups seeking capital is able to raise sufficient funds, Vegan Launch aims to bring together all types of investors and vegan entrepreneurs to fund as many vegan businesses as possible. With the minimum investment amount as little as $100, individual investors can spread their risk by creating a diverse portfolio

Only 1 in 200 Vegan Launch
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The platform estimates that vegan investors represent $3 trillion of the $100 trillion global public stock market valuation, as well as the “Healthy and Green Lifestyle demographic” and “Environmentalists” holding about $27 trillion additional dollars. Vegan Launch aims to tap into this vegan retail investor market by offering truly vegan investment products.

Many plant-based brands have enjoyed successful crowdfunding campaigns recently, with UK alt-meat brand Better Nature achieving its initial target of £1.35 million in just three hours of launching. Danish plant-based food company Simple Feast raised its €1 million target with over a week of its crowdfunding campaign still remaining.

“Vegan Launch makes early-stage vegan investing accessible to the general public. We’re building an awesome pipeline of deals to help finance the huge backlog of vegan businesses seeking expansion capital,” said Vegan Launch founder Mark Winstein. “Our platform is designed to dramatically lower the cost and friction of raising capital for both the investors and entrepreneurs.

“I believe veganism is a paradigm shift, not just a trend or a fad. Ending the commercial exploitation of animals offers real solutions to many of the greatest challenges facing the world today and a strong path forward for the world economy,” he added.

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