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VegTech Invest Engages Companies to Diversify Protein in Public Call to Action

VegTech™ Invest announces its Protein Diversification and Disclosures stakeholder engagement. VegTech™ Invest invests in companies utilizing plant-based Innovation (plant-based foods, cultivated meat, fermented proteins and the supply chains that support them) through their publicly traded ETF.

The open-to-the public Protein Diversification and Disclosures initiative encourages companies, including those with emerging plant-based offerings, to advance and grow their plant-centric portfolio of products, enhancing biodiversity and financial resilience.  It also advocates for enhanced transparency from all companies, including those already fully dedicated to plant-based products, to make protein diversification disclosures in line with the FAIRR and GFI framework.  This will communicate to a wider audience the sustainable impact of plant-based Innovation proteins.

Protein Diversification for Biodiversity and Financial Resilience

By focusing on a diverse group of companies, VegTech Invest says it aims to create a critical mass of protein adopters in the public markets. The intention is to also accelerate the growth of the disclosures framework by highlighting (1) that protein diversification with Plant-based Innovation can potentially bolster financial performance by reducing supply chain risks and increasing financial resilience, as well as (2) that protein diversity can increase biodiversity. Further, it reflects that (3) protein diversification through Plant-based Innovation and disclosures of the same can potentially attract more impact investors.

“We are proud to complement the FAIRR Protein Diversification Engagement with our independently run, parallel initiative targeting other companies at varying stages of Plant-based Innovation for alternative proteins. While some are just beginning to explore protein diversification, others are at the forefront; however, all could benefit from greater transparency by disclosing their efforts through the FAIRR/GFI framework. VegTech™ Invest’s Protein Diversification and Disclosures Engagement is designed to broaden the adoption of both diversification and disclosure practices, accelerating their uptake across the industry,” says Chief Investment Officer, Dr. Sasha Goodman.

VegTech™ Invest aims to present the stakeholder engagement letter to companies in Q3 of 2024.  For any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact VegTech Invest.

VegTech Invest advises an ETF and has the EATVi Index. The financial advisor has created and is leading a completely new impact sector in the capital markets: Plant-based Innovation and Protein Diversification.  It focuses on companies utilizing Plant-based Innovation (plant-based foods, cultivated meat, fermented proteins and the supply chains that support them) capitalizing on and supporting sustainable food systems transformation. LinkedIn/Twitter.

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