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21st.BIO Opens Access to its Large-Scale Production Platform for Animal-Free Dairy Proteins

21st.BIO, a Danish bioproduction firm offering integrated end-to-end services, announces that it is granting access to its precision fermentation technology platform to produce animal-free dairy proteins.

The new service aims to offer ingredient manufacturers, from startups to leading companies, cost-effective solutions to accelerate the development of sustainable dairy proteins at a competitive cost.

21st.BIO states it has the industry’s most advanced precision fermentation technology platform for large-scale production. Its fermentation technology is partly licensed from Novonesis (a merger of Novozymes and Chr. Hansen Holding), which has developed its platform over several decades to produce food-grade ingredients.

Thomas Schmidt, CEO of 21st.BIO, comments: “We founded 21st.BIO with one simple mission: to make precision fermentation technology accessible to as many companies as possible, so they can successfully take their product to market at a competitive price.

“We believe this is the best way for technology to support and accelerate the transition to more sustainable and better nutrition globally.”

21st.BIO grant access to its precession fermentation platform
© 21st.BIO

Top-quality industrial production

21st.BIO was founded in 2020 in Copenhagen, Denmark. It also has an R&D team and laboratories in Davis, California. The company has received financing from Novo Holding to develop industrial production technologies for proteins and other molecules for food, materials, and agricultural industries. 

The firm’s platform is said to offer top-quality industrial production strains and fermentation processes. In addition, it supports scaling, facilitates tech transfers to contract manufacturers, and helps companies secure regulatory approvals. 

Meanwhile, the firm’s technology can be optimized for each customer’s specific purpose, from nutritional fortification to texture enhancer ingredients. Moreover, the company emphasizes its commitment to consistently enhancing strains and refining processes to guarantee customers maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Japaese soft cream on wood
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Safely scaling new proteins

By leveraging these comprehensive services, manufacturers can focus on production, product development, and commercialization to rapidly enter the market while minimizing costs. 

This launch follows 21st. BIO’s successful production at scale of beta-lactoglobulin, a major protein in milk responsible for the nutrition and texture of dairy products, and a recent partnership with the German biotech AMSilk GmbH to bioproduce spider silk proteins for sustainable materials.

“With this new offering, I am proud that companies will be able to safely scale innovation into industrial production and meet global demand utilizing our technology and expertise,” adds Schmidt.

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