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BREAKING: PlantForm Presents its Global Mission to Accelerate Plant-Based Foods to Market

PlantForm, a modern manufacturing accelerator for plant-based innovators, launches today with a bold mission to expedite path to market, product development and scale, for leading and emerging companies around the planet.

“The greatest way to combat the disastrous effects of climate change starts with what we eat and feed our families”

Food tech investment advisor and APAC industry expert Allen Zelden co-founded PlantForm to “offer a unique service tearing down barriers to entry in the market and accelerating scale at a crucial time for the plant-based industry”.

“We aim to alter consumerism and supply systems”

PlantForm’s team offers 25 years of experience and has brought over a thousand plant-based SKUs to market. Its ecosystem will be able to achieve new pathways to scale leveraging multiple APAC locations and direct access to strategic resources and capital.

“By accelerating company growth and innovation, we aim to alter consumerism and supply systems beyond traditional capital forces to catapult the industry forward and ultimately reduce our reliance on animal agriculture,” says Zelden. “While adoption of plant-based food is at a tipping point globally with capital flowing into the sector, a major use of these funds is tied up in building new manufacturing capabilities and research and development.”

To solve this bottleneck, PlantForm will act as a conduit to help drive radical system change through food tech innovation, agile manufacturing and growth infrastructure to bring more ethical and sustainable food choices to market.

Radical system change is needed

To accelerate the growth and innovation of plant-based foods, the industry needs access to more strategic partners and agile infrastructures in order to drive radical system change, address the climate crisis, sustainably meet our nutrition needs as a growing population, and put a stop to intensive animal agriculture.

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When young and emerging brands step foot into this fast-growing market, barriers to entry are often high due to either expensive upfront proprietary production costs or lack of access to manufacturing. Contract manufacturing may provide a solution, however, limited access to independent contract manufacturing with specialized production requirements can pose a challenge.

Additionally, manufacturing typically represents the greatest portion of net proceeds when accessing external capital by plant-based food companies. It’s here that PlantForm sets out to bridge this gap between access to scale and specialist value-add services.

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The new service plans to create successful partnerships to produce plant-based foods and leverage a greater global market by virtue of access to unique infrastructure, network, and product development capabilities.

“The greatest way to combat the disastrous effects of climate change starts with what we eat and feed our families, which is why it’s vital to empower entrepreneurs and food brands of the future to support the transformation of our global food system from the ground up,” stresses Zelden.

PlantForm’s first round of partnership and manufacturing inquiries is open for application from April. Watch this space for further details and contact information.

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