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Digital Product Configurator Plantbaser Can Develop Plant-Based Cheeses in 20 Minutes

Planteneers has announced that the plant-based cheese category of its digital product configurator, the Plantbaser, is now complete.

Manufacturers can use the tool to configure a variety of soft and hard cheese alternatives, including feta, pizza cheese, cheddar, parmesan, gouda, and more. For hard cheeses, block, grated, and sliced formats are available.

After choosing a variety of cheese and specifying the production equipment, manufacturers can adjust the texture, color, and flavor intensity of the product as desired. Certain ingredients — such as common allergens — can be excluded, and either conventional dairy cheese or a plant-based alternative can be used as a benchmark.

In total, a product can be put together using the configurator in 15 to 20 minutes, with no plant-based knowledge required. Test samples are then delivered within two weeks, and the product can be reconfigured or reordered at any time. This simplifies and greatly accelerates the process of getting plant-based products to market.

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“Solutions for tomorrow’s trends”

With over 1300 recipes, the Plantbaser makes it possible to develop a wide range of plant-based alternatives to meat, fish, dairy, and deli products. A baked goods category will be added soon, and Planteneers hopes to have completed all categories by the fall. The configurator is already used by manufacturers in over 130 countries.

In June, Planteneers said that much of its success was due to intense research, the development of innovative technologies, and closeness to customers and markets. The company added that it sees an opportunity to address many of the challenges currently facing the world through scientific and technical innovation.

“We will continue to work hard to identify consumer needs early on and to develop innovative products that satisfy these needs,” Planteneers told vegconomist in an interview last December. “The challenge here is that we are pioneers of the trends, so to speak. Our customers expect us to provide suitable solutions for tomorrow’s trends today. New ingredients and applications will keep us busy in order to develop these innovations and always be able to react at an early stage.”

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