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Dutch Structuring Technologies Develops “Game-Changing” Continuous High Shear Technology for Plant-Based Whole Cuts

Dutch Structuring Technologies (DST) has developed a novel technology called Continuous High Shear (CHS), said to be ideal for producing whole cuts of plant-based meat or fish.

The technology, which combines plant-based protein with oil and water, uses lower processing temperatures than extrusion. This allows for colour and flavouring to be applied during processing, minimising the need for additives and reducing the number of post-processing steps.

CHS can create fibre lengths of up to 15cm, providing a “satisfyingly meaty texture”. Additionally, the technology uses clean-label ingredients, with no binders necessary. As a result, it has been described as a “game-changing successor to existing extrusion processes”.

DST can produce a range of structures using the technology; most recently, the company unveiled its plant-based kebab meat, structured with CHS and seasoned with traditional kebab spices.

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Supporting the plant-based transition

The development comes after DST received a subsidy of almost €400,000 last year as part of the Dutch government’s OPZuid program, which aims to promote innovation and the transition to a low-carbon economy in the southern Netherlands. DST said the subsidy would be used to scale up its CHS technology from 200kg per hour to 1000kg per hour; the company also discussed plans to create more flavours and textures.

According to DST, products made with CHS technology can be offered at competitive prices that support the transition to a plant-based food system. The company is partnering with B2B customers to help them develop tailor-made products, as well as developing its own range of plant-based meat and fish textures.

“Proud to share the latest news from Dutch Structuring Technologies!” said Julian Lekner, Managing Director of Dutch Structuring Technologies, on LinkedIn. “Our developments in plant-based and vegan food tech are bringing us closer to sustainable and healthy food solutions.”

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