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Float Foods Introduces Licensed Technology for Plant-Based Egg Yolk Manufacturing

Singapore’s plant-based egg brand, Float Foods, known for its OnlyEg products, including Eg Yolk and OnlyEg Patties, announces that it has received the FSSC 22000 License (Food Safety System Certification) for its already Halal-certified facility. 

After this manufacturing milestone, Float Foods now offers its “revolutionary” technology for producing plant-based egg ingredients to food producers seeking to eliminate hen eggs from their production processes.

Float Foods has developed a “machine” to create alternatives to eggs that are said to have the same taste and texture as traditional eggs: yolks that ooze and egg whites with bouncy elastic texture and elasticity. They can be served ‘raw’ or used as an ingredient in multiple applications, including pasta, noodles, sauces, pastries, mayonnaise, and baking products.

Vinita Choolani, Float Foods’ founder and CEO, comments: “OnlyEg’s technology is targeted at food manufacturers who want to produce alternative egg yolks as a solution to hen eggs in their current manufacturing practices.”

Better than egg production methods

Located in Singapore, the company’s facility has the technical capacity to manufacture at a commercial scale. As explained by the food tech, its raw yolk egg line can produce nearly 2000 units daily and has the potential for further capacity expansion.

For convenience, each plant-based egg yolk comes in capsules that can be frozen, ensuring a longer shelf life for consumers. The yolks are said to be nutrient-rich and free from cholesterol. Its protein content has been optimized through a collaboration with renowned scientists from A*STAR’s Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation.

“Our machine represents a significant breakthrough in the development of plant-based alternatives to animal products. It will enable food manufacturers to meet the growing demand for sustainable and ethical food options without compromising on quality or taste,” Choolani adds.

OnlyEg Float Foods
OnlyEg ©Float Foods

Co-developing new products

Float Foods says it is currently collaborating with multiple food manufacturers to introduce its plant-based egg ingredients to the market and is seeking additional partnership opportunities for further expansion.

Choolani founded Float Foods with support from the Temasek Foundation and the Enterprise Singapore Startup Scheme. 

Float Foods has launched a range of OnlyEg products, including shreds, omelets, Tamagoyaki, and poached and egg yolk alternatives for food service. Its alternatives are among the first plant-based whole eggs available in Asia. The brand has signed notable distribution agreements with the UAE’s largest foodservice distributor, Bidfood Middle East, and Day Day Cook, Hong Kong’s largest meal kit subscription service.

Award-winning egg alternatives

The company’s omelet and egg white have won different awards, and OnlyEg Poached Eg won Best Convenience product in the World Plant-based Innovation Awards 2023 (UK).

“We actively seek partnerships with MNCs to leverage our tech and co-develop healthy protein-rich food for today’s consumer seeking egg-free, cholesterol-free, and cleaner options for their diet and lifestyle,” Choolani adds.

Float Foods says it has submitted patents for the egg yolk’s manufacturing process and its range of plant-based eggs to protect its process and products.

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