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Future Farm Develops New Technology, Creates a “Matrix Even More Identical to Meat”

Brazil’s Fazenda Futuro, a fast-growing global player in plant-based meat with presence in UK, Holland, Sweden, UAE, Chile, Mexico, and Uruguay as Future Farm and Hacienda Futuro, reveals new technological advances. The new meat matrix, Future Burger 2030, is according to the brand, healthier, and more sustainable, with a reduction of fat to 6.4g per 80g serving, and a sodium content which it says is now also the lowest in its category globally at 178mg per serving

Future Farm, a Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas 2020 company, was the first food tech in Latin America to develop and produce plant-based meat with the same taste, texture, and juiciness of animal meat. The company received two investments since its launch in 2019 that have helped accelerate development and innovation in new products and expand exports. The first foreign funding was $8.5 million, and the second $22.5 million, totalling $31 million and increasing the market value to 715 million reais.

Future Burger 2030 Future Farm
©Future Farm

The new matrix, called Future Burger 2030, is so-called because it brings the changes that the world needs to achieve for 2030, within the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Among them are responsible consumption and production and the preservation of land ecosystems. The new product hits the market in biodegradable packaging with Brazilian landfills-appropriate technology. 

“We believe that changes concerning animal meat consumption are vital and urgent; that’s why we created Future Farm,” remarks Marcos Leta, founder of the brand. With even more similar taste and texture to that of animal-origin meat, the new matrix is healthier than its previous versions, including more sustainable packaging.

“As a foodtech, we are continually reinventing and looking to improve in terms of taste, sustainability, and healthiness. We know how indispensable these pillars are to our public, as well as for ourselves. Future Burger 2030 comes to start a new era in the company and the plant-based market, with new technology that will allow us to update all our products”, explains Marcos.

©Future Farm

The new product enters the Brazilian markets on February 29 and at points of sale abroad in March.



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