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This Planit POD Fermentation System, Called the “Ultimate Industry solution”, Creates Vegan Analogs On-Site in 24 Hours 

Waring (previously Waring Commercial), a renowned US kitchen appliance brand with over 85 years in business, has partnered with the Californian company Planit Protein to introduce the Planit POD Fermentation System: a fermentation chamber appliance that comes with plant protein blends and organic cultures.

Developed by Waring and described as the ultimate industry solution, the innovative Planit POD ferments and pasteurizes traditional vegan proteins, such as tempeh, meat analogs, or koji (up to 8lbs) on-site in just 24 hours, providing chefs with fresh fermented menu items made with clean ingredients. 

To make fermenting simple, convenient, and profitable, the system uses Planit Protein’s shelf-stable, soy-free plant blends and proprietary organic culture produced at scale in the US by Sylvan Bio.

Planit POD
© Waring

Waring General Manager and Senior Vice President Dan DeBaris said, “We’ve worked with some of the greatest minds in the field of fermentation to develop this turnkey solution. We’re ready to provide chefs with the canvas to create a wide and ever-expanding variety of plant proteins right in their own kitchens.”

Fearless fermentation

Planit POD is said to be an advanced fermentation chamber engineered for optimal efficiency that streamlines the fermentation process. It includes specialized software that comes preprogrammed, eliminating the uncertainties typically associated with fermentation, thereby guaranteeing consistent results with every use. 

By leveraging the fermentation chamber’s step-by-step preparation, chefs can access the benefits and flavors of natural fermentation and create plant-based proteins for favorite dishes such as tikka masala, plant-based burgers, or crispy chicken sandwiches. 

Meatballs made with a new fermentation appliance called PlantPOD
© Planit Protein

Chef Jeremy Umansky, a renowned expert on fermentation has endorsed the Planit POD Fermentation System. He commented, “The turnkey technology for fearless fermentation empowers chefs to explore new horizons of culinary creativity and meet the ever-growing demand for menu options that are nutritious, delicious, and sustainable.” 

The Planit POD will also be available in rolling racks of up to four units for food service operations and there are plans to develop smaller home units.

Waring will showcase its fermentation appliance at this year’s National Restaurant Association Show. Additionally, the company will demonstrate Planit POD’s features with Chef Jeremy Umansky on Sunday, 19th of May at 2:30 PM.

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