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Test Before You Invest: Find the Perfect Solution for Your New Food Product

With the underlying economic conditions in many countries and regions not exactly optimal at the moment, it is all the more essential to plan and protect production-related growth projects in a professional manner.

Whether creating and perfecting innovative products in the new food segment or undertaking complex process development work, the GEA Process Test Center (PTC) for separation technology is an equal partner that brings considerable experience and pioneering spirit to the table.

Minimize risks with the trailblazer of the new food industry

Test before you invest – while it may sound like an invitation, it is in fact the service offered by our in-house PTC to ambitious food manufacturers, allowing them to use the specialist expertise and state-of-the-art testing facility to find the perfect process solution for their own growth path. The Process Test Center in Oelde, North Rhine–Westphalia, provides you with meaningful basic data so that you can optimize the selection and configuration of centrifuges and separation systems. How you benefit: you keep the risk to a minimum when investing in sophisticated processing technology, as you are on the safe side by entrusting the scaling up from pilot plant to industrial scale to the PTC.

A test scenario at the PTC, GEA
A test scenario at the PTC © GEA Westfalia Separator Group GmbH

Also in your favor is the fact that GEA – as one of the world’s largest system suppliers to the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries – boasts unparalleled knowledge of process-related client solutions. This also means that you benefit from the global network of GEA test facilities and centers of excellence, meaning that GEA specialists from other regions and countries are on hand to support product developments in niche markets. In other words, there is hardly any innovative terrain on which GEA does not feel at home.

The PTC helps you improve your understanding of processes and quality factors

What makes the difference in this regard is the decades-long experience of the PTC team, who are well-versed in the analysis of individual process-related client solutions. From achieving the desired cost-effectiveness and manufacturing in line with sustainability aspects through to production reliability and flavor stability, the team boasts professional expertise in the specification of product attributes and in determining and configuring machine types. Their client focus is also reflected in the fact that pilot projects can either be conducted at the Process Test Center in Oelde or on-site at your premises. Virtually anything is possible – and even completely new processes can be developed and tested in this way.

Over 11,000 tests & 18,000 product Analyses so far – and now it’s your turn!

Whatever food ideas you have in mind and whatever market dimensions you envisage, the PTC – with its in-house laboratory, considerable passion for experimentation, and the innovative power of GEA, a leading international technology corporation, behind it – offers everything you need for reliable and successful scaling. With more than 11,000 tests and process development projects, as well as over 18,000 product analyses, under its belt, the PTC welcomes any enterprise with big ideas in relation to food trends.

Talk to the PTC team about automation, digitalization and sustainability

These days, no innovative food company can afford to ignore these three topics – and, with GEA, food manufacturers have a partner in their corner who is also a pioneer and source of inspiration in these areas. All employees at the PTC are, of course, fully conversant with these aspects and will set up test scenarios accordingly in line with your requirements. Just as the digital world is constantly evolving, time does not stand still when it comes to separator and decanter applications either. The Process Test Center gives you the peace of mind that you are testing and scaling at the cutting edge and, ultimately, investing safely.

GEA team
© GEA Westfalia Separator Group GmbH

Put your investment on a sound footing

You are welcome to get to know this unique testing environment and the smart people behind the Process Test Center in Oelde. The PTC team looks forward to new challenges and to thinking and testing in both emerging and established new food segments. Ultimately, the PTC provides you with the reassurance that consistent results can be expected in terms of yield, quality, efficiency, and machine/process performance when your own systems eventually go live.

When it comes to plant-based proteins, it is even possible to simulate the entire process by harnessing the expertise of other international GEA test centers, with the following facilities all working together:

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