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Ya YA Foods Announces $92M Expansion of Manufacturing Plant in Utah Following Oatly Facility Takeover

Ya YA Food Corp., a Toronto-based food and beverage packaging company, has announced a $92 million investment in the expansion of its manufacturing plant in the Business Depot Ogden business park in Ogden, Utah.

The company took over the plant from Swedish alt-dairy company Oatly as part of a $72 million deal in January. This is part of Oatly’s shift to an “asset-light supply chain strategy” where Ya YA Foods not only assumed management of Oatly’s Ogden facility but also took control of its Fort Worth, Texas operation. 

“It is important for us to invest and grow in a location where there is both a good business climate and […] skilled workforce”

This strategic move is a key component of Ya YA’s expansion plans and marks the company’s initial venture into food and beverage packaging in the United States, projecting the creation of 302 jobs over the next decade.

Ya YA Foods facility
© Ya YA Foods

The Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity (GOEO) disclosed the details of Ya YA’s expansion in a press release, emphasizing the positive impact on Utah’s economic landscape. The firm will continue to operate the Oatly Group facility in Ogden, specializing in oat-based alt dairy products, with the new expansion further bolstering production of Oatly products.

Chris Roybal, president of the Northern Utah Economic Alliance, applauded the investment and highlighted it as an impressive contribution to the local job market, with expectations that it will generate $197.17 million in wages over the next decade. He further commented that Ya YA’s “commitment to health and wellness aligns with the work-life balance that sets our region apart.”

The precise location of Ya YA’s expansion within Ogden is yet to be confirmed, with Roybal stating that it may be right next to the Oatly facility or it could be somewhere else within the business park, but that construction is slated to commence soon, with job creation anticipated to begin later this year.

Oatly in basket
© Oatly

Expanding capacity

Ya YA’s CEO, Yahya Abbas, cited Utah’s favorable business climate and skilled workforce as key factors influencing the company’s decision to establish a presence in Ogden. He stated in the press release, “This is Ya YA Foods’ first expansion in the US. This investment will expand our capacity, add a significant number of new jobs, and contribute to the economic growth in Weber County.” 

Abbas also emphasized the strategic importance of expanding geographic reach and scaling up operations. The collaboration positions Ya YA as a key player in North America’s aseptic beverage co-manufacturing sector.

“It is important for us to invest and grow in a location where there is both a good business climate and an available and skilled workforce. We have found Utah to be such a place. We want to thank the state of Utah for supporting our exciting project,” concluded Abbas. 

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