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48% of Spanish Consumers in New Survey Have Reduced Their Meat Consumption in the Last Year

A pan-European survey, called Changing Appetite: Comprehensive research on the uptake of plant-based foods published by ProVeg under the EU Smart Protein project, sheds more light on the current state of plant-based consumption and helps the food industry and other stakeholders to gain a deeper understanding of consumers in Spain.

The survey, carried out in Austria, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, the UK, Denmark, Poland, Romania, and the Netherlands, involved 7,500 respondents and was conducted by the food awareness organisation ProVeg International in collaboration with the University of Copenhagen and the University of Ghent.

Spain plays a key role in the EU’s plant-based sector, as it is Europe’s fourth largest market for plant-based foods, with sales of around €500 million between 2020 and 2022, according to the GFI. A 2023 report by the Department of Business Management at the Universidad Pontificia Comilla, together with specialized communication agency The Vegan Agency, found 75% of vegan companies in Spain expect to see veganism experience “favourable” or “very favourable” growth over the next two years.

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Increased confidence in plant-based products

According to the findings of this survey, which is a continuation of the report published in 2021, there are notable changes in the consumption habits of meat and dairy products of animal origin in Spain. 48% of meat consumers report having reduced their meat intake in the last year, marking a significant change in the country’s dietary patterns.

The survey sheds more light on confidence in the consumption of plant-based in Spain. Thus, 45% of people in Spain have perceived an increase in their confidence in meat-free products compared to three years ago, mainly because of their safety (73%), accuracy of labelling (71%), and reliability (70%). Regarding the taxation of such products, respondents advocate the elimination of taxes on products that promote health and reduce environmental impact.

What trends will mark the future of food without animal products in Spain? “It is certainly a growing and evolving sector, where consumers are more informed, environmentally aware and no longer satisfied with just any product. People demand quality products, with good nutritional profiles and which are capable of satisfying the most demanding palates”. Comments ProVeg Spain’s communication director, Verónica Larco Jiménez.

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