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Almost a Quarter of Argentinian Consumers Are Avoiding Meat

A survey conducted at the end of 2020 identifies 12% of the population of Argentina, a country with over 40 million inhabitants, as vegan and vegetarian. A further 12% were identified as flexitarian, meaning almost a quarter of Argentinians are omitting or reducing meat consumption, a 3% increase from the previous year.

Although Argentina’s economy has been hit hard by the covid crisis in 2020, the gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to grow 4.89% in 2021 compared to 2020, according to economic data company Statista. And as income rises, as does the plant-based industry and the percentage of population purchasing vegan products.

NotCo ice cream
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In November, vegconomist en español reported on the expansion of the Argentinian vegan company Vegan Nature, which had invested $250,000 in a new production plant near the capital Buenos Aires. Also in November, Chilean vegan food giant NotCo announced the launch of its new vegan ice cream flavors in the country, while the Veganuary campaign has expanded its efforts in both Brazil and Argentina this January. This has the potential of further expanding the population of vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian people in the second largest country in South America.

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