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Chilean Food Service Sees a 41% Surge in Plant-Based Product Sales, Driven by Growing Demand in Horeca Channel

Figures recorded by the leading Chilean food distribution company, ICB Food Service, establish that Chilean plant-based product sales spanning restaurants, cafeterias, and hotels (Horeca), grew by 41% in 2022.

“The increase in consumption through the Horeca channel was 187% in just two years”

Vegetable-based creams (121%), vegetable drinks (73%), and butter and margarine (31%) were among the products with higher demand in the food service and hospitality sectors. According to ICB, plant-based product consumption increased by 47,000 kg last year.

Among the leading brands providing meat and dairy alternatives for the Horeca channel are Ardo and NotCo, offering more than 40 items, says the Chilean distributor.

a vegan pizza made in partnership with notco and papa john's in chile
© Papa John’s Chile

High demand for plant-based products in Chile

Demand for plant-based products among consumers has been rising worldwide. An Ipsos survey reported that in 2020, 36% of Chileans were seeking to reduce the consumption of animal products.

ICB says this trend has also reached the food service industry, which has been updating its offer to adapt to this growing demand, posing a significant challenge to plant-based manufacturers and suppliers that need to build a competitive portfolio that offers quality products, competitive prices, and innovative formats convenient for the sector.

Matias Hardessen, ICB Food Service’s business manager, commented to Revista Jengibre: “As in 2021, the high demand for this category in the last period amazed us. Between 2020 and 2022, the increase in consumption through the Horeca channel was 187% in just two years. As one of the most important distributors at the national level, we have been monitoring this trend. Today we can say that our customers have the best offers and greater varieties to offer their consumers.”

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