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Dairy Farmers Under “Vegan Pressure”

The British analyst for the dairy industry, Ian Potter, has made an appeal to dairy farmers. He calls for the seriousness of the ethical treatment of farm animals to be recognised, as the emerging vegan milk trend is increasingly becoming a competitor.

Ian Potter notes that many farmers who fail to acknowledge the current situation and adapt their livestock farming to the circumstances are damaging the image of dairy products. More and more vegan activists are also pointing to this fact and are taking action against the inappropriate methods used by dairy farmers.

In his appeal, Potter refers, among other things, to cases in which dairy cows were routinely abused. The analyst also mentions the slaughter of bull calves, due to the fact that it is unprofitable to raise them, as an important factor behind dairy’s deteriorating image. Growing awareness of the need to protect the environment is also making the dairy industry less and less respected, due to high emissions from livestock farming.

“Greenpeace calls for a reduction in milk production and consumption for a healthier planet. If we do not, they claim, we are endangering our health, the health of our children and the health of our planet,” Potter says.

In contrast, the popularity of plant-based milk alternatives, also known as “mylk” or “m*lk”, which are made from almonds, oats, linseed, soy, hazelnuts, cashew nuts and rice, is growing.

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