• Demand for Vegan Fast-Food Continues in the USA

    Fast-food outlets in the USA are responding to search engine data pulled by the marketing-trends analytics software, SEMrush; it states that more and more people are looking for plant-based options when ordering fast-food. Every month, tens of thousands of people search for animal-free options.

    Business Insider has reported this month that the fast-food industry is finally working to gain vegetarian and vegan customers.

    Taco Bell is the clear leader in this report, with over 31,000 people a month searching for plant-based options on its website. Taco Bell is responding by testing a 100% vegetarian menu in Dallas and already has animal-free options on its regular menu. Burger King is serving a plant-based Impossible Whopper at more than 50 stores. And Chipotle recently added vegetarian and vegan items to its menu.

    The report shows these are the top ten fast-food outlets in the USA, where people are searching for vegan and vegetarian options:

    1. Taco Bell – Average monthly searches: 31,622
    2. Starbucks – Average monthly searches: 11,329
    3. McDonald’s – Average monthly searches: 10,621
    4. Subway – Average monthly searches: 7,514
    5. Pizza Hut – Average monthly searches: 6,367
    6. Dunkin’ Donuts – Average monthly searches: 5,844
    7. Chick-fil-A – Average monthly searches: 5,800
    8. Domino’s – Average monthly searches: 5,450
    9. Chipotle – Average monthly searches: 5,392
    10. Burger King – Average monthly searches: 4,216
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