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Germany: Future of the Poultry Industry Threatened by Laboratory Meat

In a recent study by the Justus Liebig University of Giessen, a total of 234 experts from the bakery, beer, dairy and poultry industries were asked for their assessment of Germany as a business location. One result of the study, initiated by the Heinz Lohmann Foundation, was the discovery of shortcomings in the competitiveness of the poultry industry, and the desire of consumers for greater sustainability.

Central topics of the study were not just the quality of Germany as a business location but also the image of German products and the assessment of the long-term competitiveness of Germany as a business location in various sectors. The most striking result was seen in the poultry industry, where experts cited poor to insufficient competitiveness and for which laboratory meat will become a growing competitor in the future.

In addition to the experts, 2,009 consumers were also surveyed. Above all, consumers expressed their desire for greater sustainability. Plant-based foods are characterised by the fact that they are environmentally friendly and sustainable. The study listed the current consumer trends in the vegan scene. 12-18% of respondents said they wanted more vegan product alternatives, with a quarter stating that domestic demand for vegan food would increase in the future. This forecast is entirely in line with the assessment of experts, who see vegan products as serious competitors to animal products. 38% of experts in the poultry industry believe clean meat will completely replace poultry meat within 10 years.

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