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Global Veal Market: Increase in Veganism Poses a Threat

According to a recent market research report by Research and Markets, the global veal market is expected to continue growing by 2.19% per year in the forecast period 2018-2022. According to the report, changing eating habits and an increase in veganism worldwide represent the greatest challenges to the market.

The new report by Research and Markets is based on a comprehensive market analysis and contributions from various industry experts. It contains detailed information on the current market landscape and analyses future growth developments on the basis of the data obtained. In addition, it contains a series of articles dealing with the most important suppliers on the market.

The increasing demand for pasture-raised and organic veal is cited as a market driver. Consumers think veal is softer, juicier and has a milder flavour than other types of meat. On the other hand, however, veganism is increasing, which is a strong obstacle to growth in the market. Above all, the increasing vegan population and the resulting changes in eating habits have had a significant influence on the market. In the last ten years, the number of vegan-oriented consumers has increased significantly, which has ultimately led to a decline in sales figures in the meat sector. This ensures that more and more meat producers are focusing their attention and financial strength on new start-ups in the vegan food market.



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