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How Lidl Became a “One-Stop-Shop” for Mainstream Consumers Buying Plant-Based 

This article is part of the Vegconomist X ProVeg International New Food Hub article series, which aims to make actionable insights into the plant-based space more readily accessible.

ProVeg International has recently published a case study detailing German discount retailer chain Lidl’s expansion of their plant-based product range. The case study touches on the steps taken by Lidl to grow their plant-based range and the key interventions made by ProVeg to help Lidl along the way. Like Lidl, many retailers and manufacturers are turning to private label brands to increase the accessibility of their plant-based products, putting well-known brands under pressure to keep prices competitive.

Jérémy-Günther-Heinz Jähnick / Somain – Lidl (01) / Wikimedia Commons / Cc-by-sa 3.0.

ProVeg and Lidl Germany have been working closely together since 2019. Since then, Lidl has steadily expanded its plant-based product range in order to tap into the growing target audience of people who want to integrate a more plant-based diet into their everyday lives. In 2019, Lidl launched its private plant-based label Vemondo. What started out as a range of 19 products quickly expanded with the help of ProVeg to incorporate over 50 plant-based alternatives.

Find the full case study here and learn more about Lidl’s fully integrated placement strategy and marketing strategies.

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