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Huge Surge in Demand Means Short Term Supply Shortage for NOBLE After Pivoting to Vegan Jerky

After pivoting to plant-based and seeing its sales soar 70%, now NOBLE Jerky is struggling to keep up with “unprecedented” demand. The Canadian plant-based jerky specialist’s plight highlights two major themes: systematic weakness in global food supply chains and the growing consumer demand for sustainable alternatives such as plant-based.

The global food supply chains are still struggling to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, after being hit with consecutive economic and virus-outbreak shutdowns that are affecting food producers all over the globe. NOBLE Jerky joins the internationally impacted businesses as it was revealed to be dealing with shortages across a variety of ingredients that are crucial in the production of its vegan-protein products, for which it is working around the clock to get resolved as quickly as possible.

Noble Jerky
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However, the pandemic has affected not just supply but also demand, as the brand reported a 70% increase in profits amid Covid-19, demonstrating that even during a pandemic, consumers are still mindful to shift to more sustainable alternatives. After big hits taken by major meat companies due to pandemic outbreaks, a big shift in consumer demand started to lean towards plant-based alternatives, with NOBLE Jerky leading the way in the vegan jerky category. 

Incredible surge in demand

With every bag of NOBLE Jerky providing up to 14g of protein per serving and adhering to strict non-GMO practices that are 100% natural and meat-free, NOBLE provides a great choice for consumers looking to reduce their carbon impact. The company’s products are sold DTC via its website, Amazon, and several retailers across North America.

“We have seen an incredible surge in demand for our products since the early beginning of the pandemic. We are happy that we continue to help the growing vegan population get access to affordable and 100% natural, meat-free, plant-based proteins,” commented Stefan Urbani, Co-Founder of NOBLE Jerky. 

“Though we are currently experiencing temporary supply shortages, we want to assure our loyal customers that we are working with our vendors to ensure our product shortages don’t go for a significant amount of time. We look forward to restocking items as soon as possible, while maintaining the same quality across every bag of NOBLE Jerky product,” he added. 

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