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Market Report: Demand for Vegan Cheese to Increase Significantly by 2027

According to a new report by Market Research, the market for vegan cheese is set to grow significantly by 2027. This is due to increasing demand for vegan products.cheese is set to grow significantly by 2027.

To date, vegan cheese has mainly been consumed by people with lactose intolerance, as the raw materials used, such as oats, almonds and nuts, are naturally lactose-free. Due to growing awareness of healthier lifestyles, the demand for vegan products, including vegan cheese, will increase among the general population in the coming years.

According to the market report, vegan cheese contains fewer preservatives than conventional cheese, which in turn limits its shelf life and therefore its potential growth. Similarly, the amount of fat and calories in vegan cheese is thought to be a potential deterrent for calorie-conscious target groups such as athletes.

Regional changes

The fastest growth is expected in the Asia-Pacific region. This is due to changing consumer habits, as well as a growing interest in and consumption of food from different cultures.

The North American market, on the other hand, will grow due to high production capacity. Here, too, an increasingly health-conscious society will demand more organic foods and drive the growth of the vegan cheese market. For Europe, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East, the market is expected to grow only moderately.

Numerous product launches, such as those by VBites, Miyoko’s Kitchen, and Coop Switzerland, are also indications of the rising demand for vegan cheese.

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