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Market Report: Growth of Nuts, Seeds, Cereals and Pulses

The growing demand for plant-based products is influencing many different markets. According to Innova Market Insights, the market for nuts, seeds, cereals and pulses is also influenced by increased sales of meatless foods.

In addition, a recent survey by HealthFocus International showed that consumers’ general desire for more plant-based foods, beverages and ingredients has increased, as they seek to reduce their consumption of animal products. 70% of those surveyed said they were following this trend. Factors such as plant-based eating habits, health benefits and a wide variety of options are crucial for the growth of the market for nuts and seeds. In addition, these products can be used as ingredients in plant-based dishes. For example, seeds such as chia or linseed are used in a variety of product categories, from baked goods to salads and beverages. But they are also used to imitate meat. Vegan burger manufacturers like Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger use peas and wheat to produce their patties. Vivera also uses soy and wheat for its steaks. Pea protein in particular has benefited from the growth, as it is often used as an alternative to dairy products such as cheese and yoghurt.

The market analyst Innova Market Insights claims that veganism is moving away from being a niche industry and getting closer and closer to being mainstream. According to studies, the availability of plant-based foods has grown by 62% worldwide.

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