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Market report: Veganism threatens the Duck Market

The continued global growth of veganism is influencing and changing many markets. According to the market research report “Global Duck Meat Market 2018-2022” by Research and Markets, the development of Clean Meat is also a challenge for the global duck meat market.

The report predicts that the duck market will grow at an annual rate of just 4.79 percent between 2018 and 2022. This low growth is partly due to veganism. Due to the increasing popularity of vegan products, alternatives such as clean meat will gain in importance, whilst duck meat, for example, will take a back seat.

Clean meat

Clean meat is made from animal cells. Though not vegan, it is supported by a number of vegans as it can significantly reduce the number of animals slaughtered. A number of companies are working on such products, and many are already close to market maturity. For example, the company JUST has announced that it will bring laboratory chicken meat onto the market this year. “I would like clean meat to be available before the end of 2018. It will probably be introduced in a restaurant or foodservice outlet first and then expand further from there,” says Josh Tetrick, CEO of JUST.

Numerous investments in this area also show that the market for clean meat is promising. Mosa Meat, for example, has received an investment of 7.5 million euros. The company is using the money to try to bring its clean meat products onto the mass market by 2021. This development is also supported by the government. The Japanese government has recently invested in the new startup Integriculture in Tokyo, another company that produces clean meat. This issue will therefore continue to influence the markets in the future.



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