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Report: The Development of the Global Lupin Market 2018 to 2022

Since lupins began to be used for the production of plant-based meat alternatives, the global lupin market has been growing rapidly. In their new report, the experts at “Research And Markets” forecast an average annual growth of 4.49 percent for the lupin market from today through to 2022.

The report, which analyses the market and its growth potential, is based on a qualitative and very in-depth market analysis with well-founded information from industry experts. Additionally, the results are accompanied by the views and opinions of key buyers who have been active in this market for a long time.

It is interesting to note that one of the major trends in this market is increasing awareness of plant-based nutrition. The outstanding health benefits of lupin beans, which are rich in proteins, fibre and amino acids, also have an impact on growth. According to the report, these two aspects are the main reasons for the rapid growth between now and 2022.

But where there is high growth, challenges often aren’t far away. The report also sheds light on these and thus sees a possible replacement of lupins as a protein source by soy or animal protein. These two remain the leading protein sources on the market, followed by wheat protein and casein.

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