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Growth for Rice Protein Market

According to Business Wire’s market report “Rice Protein Market in Europe 2018-2023“, the value of the rice protein market in Europe is close to 13.5 million US dollars. The main driver of this increase is the rising number of vegans and vegetarians in the population.

One factor behind this increase is concern for animal welfare and the preservation of the environment in Europe; which is the region with the largest share of the rice protein market. The average European youth is also increasingly oriented towards a healthy lifestyle. With the growing demand for rice protein, the UK has even developed a new technology for processing it. The food industry in France, known worldwide for its exotic and varied delicacies, has also adapted its products to the worldwide increase in plant-based protein consumption.

“The rice protein market in Russia has a large percentage share of the European market. It is estimated that the market will grow at an average annual rate of 7.6 percent over the forecast period. The macro-economic factors driving the growth of the country’s rice protein market are strengthening economic conditions, increasing purchasing power, protein-rich diets and increasing health awareness,” Business Wire explains.

Focus of the market report

  • Market trends since 2014 and five-year forecasts for market growth
  • Detailed analysis of micro and macro elements influencing demand trends
  • Identification of margins across segments and countries
  • Trend and analysis of supply and demand
  • Price trend analysis, investment perspectives and competitive patterns
  • Insights into the growth potential of the market
  • Detailed analysis of key producers in terms of financial investments and strategies
  • The competitive landscape of the industry

Increasingly, market reports and forecasts show enormous growth in the markets for plant-based products and vegan meat or dairy alternatives. These include market reports on the chickpea flour, beetroot powder and coconut milk markets. More information on the market report “Europe Rice Protein Market 2018-2023 – Size, Trends, Competitive Analysis and Forecasts” is available here.

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