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Search Trends for Each Superfood Since 2004 Shows Specific Months to Market Your Product

Interest in healthy ingredients such as superfoods spike in January, in line with cultural attempts at self-improvement in the new year. But did you know that interest in kale peaks in January, blueberries should ideally be marketed in July along with seaweed products, and avocados are most interesting in May?

Marketing superfoods beyond January

The key sales point of superfoods is the fact that they contain significant levels of chemicals that the traditional diet is lacking in. However, studies show that consuming lots of one superfood has no more effect on the ability to protect against common diseases than eating small amounts regularly. Because of this, consuming different superfoods at different times through the year helps diversify the chemicals being consumed while still getting the benefits from each.

With the understanding that superfoods were typically a January trend, researchers at The Juice Guru studied the search trend data around 13 superfoods to understand how people’s interest in some of the most common fruits and vegetables with a superfood designation varied throughout the year. Initially intending to identify a trending ‘superfood of the year’, what they instead found was that different superfoods trend at different times each year. These trends also had little relation to seasonality, suggesting that this wasn’t the main influence on the yearly surge in interest for each of the items.

Though the search phrase ‘superfood’ is most searched-for in January, only five of the 13 products on the list trended in January and four trended in December. Following the trends of when people are searching for these popular powerhouses has a number of benefits, both for the consumer and the vendor. Not only does this diversify consumers’ eating habits and expand the range of healthful vitamins available, but aligning marketing strategy with periods of interest means consumers can be targeted when they are most likely to be interested. This can help develop superfood fads way after new year’s resolutions have been forgotten.

With many thanks to Damon Culbert from The Juice Guru, mobile smoothie and juice bars in the UK.



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