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The Slovak Plant-Based Food Market Continues to Thrive According to New Report

A recent report by Jem pre Zem (I Eat for Earth) indicates that 36.8% of the population in Slovakia is either actively reducing their consumption of animal-based products or contemplating future reductions. Slovak households have notably increased their expenditure on plant-based alternatives and tofu, reaching €40.4 million in 2022.

Interest in decreasing the consumption of animal-based products is widespread across all age groups in Slovakia, with the greatest involvement observed among individuals aged 25 to 34. In this demographic, 24.7% have already reduced their intake of animal-based foods, and an additional 22.9% are contemplating future reductions, with a higher propensity among women.

In 2022, traditional soy products, such as tofu, tempeh, and textured soy protein, accounted for the majority (37.9%) of plant-based product purchases by Slovak households. Plant-based milk alternatives followed closely, being selected by 34.3% of Slovak households.

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The household expenditure on plant-based alternatives and tofu in Slovakia reached €40.4 million in 2022, showing sustained growth. Although the growth rate of 8.7% in 2022 was slower compared to the approximately 20% growth in 2021 and 2020, the market continued to expand even during the recent crisis. Plant-based milk alternatives accounted for 7.3% of household milk purchases, while plant-based meat alternatives and tofu constituted 3.5% of meat and meat product purchases.

The report is based on data from a survey conducted by Focus on behalf of Jem pre Zem, involving a representative sample of Slovak citizens aged 18 and older. Additionally, GfK data from a Consumer Panel representing Slovak households was analyzed.

Marian Milec, the author of the report, commented, “The plant-based market is experiencing rapid growth in Slovakia, yet it still represents only a fraction of the value of its animal-based counterparts. This presents an exciting window of opportunity for food manufacturers and retailers to enter the market and fully grasp its potential. Both local and global food manufacturers are recognizing this potential. However, some global players are yet to fully grasp the opportunities in the Slovak plant-based market.”

The complete report is available at

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