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Spain: Trend Towards Veganism Influences the Organic Market

For some time now, so-called millennials have distinguished themselves from other segments of the population with their healthy, sustainable and/or vegan lifestyles. The fact that this global and intercultural development is also having an impact on countries such as Spain, is proven by the interesting results of a study conducted by IRi Market Research in 2016 entitled “Consumo Eco y Bio 2017”. According to this study, a good third of Spain’s organic customers are younger than 35 years of age.

The study primarily focused on organic products and the developing market in this segment. Amongst other things, the report shows that consumers who mainly buy organic have very similar motives for their consumption preferences as those who buy vegan. The increasing trend towards meat and animal-free food is therefore having a significant impact on the development of the organic market.

Another important factor in nutrition is health. The main argument for not using animal products, or those containing artificial ingredients, is in most cases one’s own health. The younger generations in particular, who have a comparatively strong awareness of health and environmental issues, are adapting their consumption patterns accordingly. In addition to this factor, the taste and quality of organic products is also playing a decisive role in their purchase. With 2.01 million hectares of organic farming land, Spain is the European leader in organic production.

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