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Study Finds Pet Owners Interested in Plant-Based Pet Food

A new research piece by the University of Guelph shows a high number of pet owners interested in feeding their pets a plant-based diet.

The online survey asked 3,673 dog and cat owners about their pets’ and their own diets.

The survey found that 35% of pet owners whose pets were currently fed conventional diets were interested in changing their pets’ diet, but 55% of them added that they needed further evidence before making a switch, particularly to support that a vegan diet would meet the nutritional needs of their pets.

Around 6% of the respondents were vegan and 27% of them said they already fed their pets plant-based diets, while 78% of the rest of the vegan pet owners were interested in switching their pets to a plant-based diet.

Lead author Dr. Sarah Dodd added that she expects interest in the diets to increase: “People have been hearing about how vegan diets are linked to lowered risks of cancer and other health benefits in humans. There is also growing concern about the environmental impact of animal agriculture.”

Dodd said there hasn’t been enough research about the nutritional suitability and health advantages and risks of plant-based pet food.“This study shows there is a clear need for further research in this area.”

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