Study: Meat Alternatives and Laboratory Meat Could Have 60% Market Share by 2040

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According to a survey by the management consultancy A.T.Kearney, the market share of vegan meat alternatives and laboratory meat/clean meat could reach almost 30% of the global meat market by 2030. This would be equivalent to sales of $400 million, reports SPIEGEL ONLINE. According to the study, the market share could even climb to 60% by 2040.

Market research companies are publishing forecasts about the market for meat alternatives at ever-shorter intervals. There is a general consensus that this market will grow significantly. These forecasts correlate to the estimates of many experts.

Plant-based meat alternatives are now offered by many companies around the globe. In the laboratory meat sector, on the other hand, no company currently offers a product that is suitable for the mass market. However, research and development efforts have been increasing rapidly for some time, not least due to high investments by various investors.