• USA: 13% Rise in Business Seen in Restaurants Adding Vegan Options

    A new study by Foodable Labs has revealed that, during 2018, 51 percent of US-based chefs started to include plant-based recipes in their menus. This demonstrates a 31 percent increase from 2017 which is said to be partly owed to the influence of food bloggers on social media.

    The study showed that the growing trend is driven to a large degree by social media influencers. The following factors were reported to be currently the most important issues to food influencers: traceability (81.4 percent want to know where ingredients come from); delivery (62.7 percent said they want more delivery options); and plant-based (48.5 percent said there should be more vegan options).

    The increase in restaurants was noted by the report to also be motivated by profit; with a 300 percent increase in the number of Americans identifying as vegan, this is now a serious target group of consumers. It stated that in just 12 months, restaurant owners experienced a 13 percent growth in business when adding vegan options.

    Leading American delivery service company, GrubHub, reported that 17 percent more customers ordered vegan dishes in 2017.  Foodable Labs predict that vegan and plant-based diets will continue in its exponential growth next year.

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