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Vegan Fashion Spreads in South Korea

According to Retail News Asia, vegan and cruelty free fashion is booming in South Korea. The article dated 7th January, states that environmentally friendly garments, including animal-free, have increased by 20 percent compared to last year in women’s fashion retail.

This vegconomist writer spent four years living in South Korea and for the record would like to comment how truly promising this news is – for in Korea they really kill and eat absolutely anything that moves, to an excruciating degree.

The Retail News column reports that the “Galleria Department store held an eco-friendly fashion week at the end of last month” and that there is a current trend amongst South Koreans to opt for “fake” materials: “The word “fake” does not fully describe the trend, as the garments are not purposed as second choice low-quality replacements. They are considered more of a fashionably ethical statement now, rejecting the use of animal materials or cruelty in obtaining them.

Strictly speaking, vegan fashion is different from eco-friendly fashion, although the phrases are often used interchangeably. Something vegan may not necessarily follow best practices for the environment, or vice versa, but the two often go hand in hand.”



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