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Vegan Food to be Number 1 Trend in 2019 According to Uber Eats

In its annual report, Uber Eats, the food delivery service company, revealed to most popular foods from 2018 and its predictions for 2019.

According to the report, 2018’s most popular foods included a great number of vegan choices, with avocado, cucumber, tofu, celery, coconut, brown rice, hummus, kale, seaweed, and acai all being in the top 20.

Speaking about the coming year, the report said: “We also took a look at foods that are popping up more frequently in Eats orders, and uncovered a few rising food trends for 2019.” Clean eating, fermented foods, and plant-based milks are all on the rise: “People aren’t just ordering in Chinese food and pizza anymore. As wellness gets more and more popular, we’ve seen a spike in searches for clean eating staples from meat-alternatives like tofu and seitan.”

Plant-based food is predicted to be the top trend for 2019, and smoothie bowls, pea milk, seitan, bulgur, tofu, pumpkin, chia, agave, and farro are all included in the top 20.

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