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Vegan Ready Meals & Meat Substitutes Grow in Popularity

A recent study from FMCG Gurus shows that many consumers are actively looking for healthy and convenient alternatives to traditional options and that over 46% of consumers understand animal meat-based ready meals are unhealthy for them. Additionally, 12% of global consumers consume plant-based ready meals on a weekly basis.

Out of this group of consumers, 61% have said they have increased their consumption of vegan ready meals. In addition, 59% of consumers have increased their intake of meat alternatives over the past 12 months. Although consumption has increased there are still barriers including lack of taste, lack of variety, and lack of fulfilment.

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Targeting new consumers is key and there are many features that consumers are actively seeking when looking for vegan and plant-based ready meals. FMCG Gurus reports that quality is a key factor when choosing vegan ready meals with 71% of consumers stating quality is important to them. This also applies to meat substitutes with 74% of consumers stating quality to be of importance in this category.

Other factors include sugar content, with over 60% of consumers stating it is important for vegan ready meals to use natural ingredients and are low in sugar, which was also applicable to meat substitutes, with over 60% suggesting that products must be non-GMO and additive-free.

This data comes from a Savory Food and Snacks Survey Series from 40 countries carried out in March 2020.

For more information please contact Will Cowling, Marketing Manager at FMCG Gurus [email protected]

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