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Vegan Snacks More in Demand Than Ever

Snacks, also known as RTE (Ready to eat) products, are enjoying increasing demand in the food industry. A recent market forecast by FutureMarketInsights suggests that plant-based snacks will particularly boost demand by 2027. Nestlé predicts that the vegan market will be worth USD 5.2 billion by 2020, the majority of which will be vegan snacks.

Especially when it comes to breakfast, more and more consumers are eating healthy cereal bars, fruit, vegetables, legumes and protein-rich vegan foods in order to lead a healthier and more conscious lifestyle. Many large manufacturers are recognising this trend and integrating plant-based, vegan snacks into their product range. These include food manufacturers from the USA such as General Mills, Kellogg Co. and Pinnacle Foods Inc.

The reasons behind the increasing demand for purely plant-based snacks are very complex. Their low production costs and strong distribution in retail are a decisive factor driving increased sales figures. This makes it particularly attractive for food manufacturers to produce plant-based snacks.  In addition, the increasing number of vegans and the health-conscious shifts in mindset of many consumers are fuelling the rising sales trend. The Asia-Pacific region deserves a special mention here, as consumers are increasingly moving towards veganism and changing their lifestyle in a health-conscious manner. This trend can also be observed in the USA, Canada, Germany and Great Britain.

In countries where many health problems are caused by unhealthy eating habits, consumers are increasingly choosing to improve their diets with healthier snacks. Obesity in particular can be reduced by a change in diet, along with various heart problems.

The increasing demand for vegan food is also driving the global market for plant-based snacks.

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