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NGO Vegetarianos Hoy to Identify Plant-Based Consumption Habits in LATAM

The NGO Vegetarianos Hoy launched its Latin American Consumer Survey this week to obtain insights into consumer preferences for plant-based foods and products. The study targets five countries: Peru, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico.

As veganism is rising in Latin America, the study will focus on consumption habits and identifying consumer motives for migrating to a plant-based diet. It will collect relevant data to develop future awareness campaigns on the benefits of changing to more sustainable eating habits, explains the NGO.

vegetarianos hoy's carrot drawings wallpaper
© Vegetarianos Hoy

Vegetarianos Hoy has been active in the region since 2017, promoting animal welfare and more ethical, healthy, and sustainable eating habits. Its work includes cage-free campaigns, Meatless Mondays, V-Label certifications, corporate and food service outreach, and ‘veggie challenges’. Vegetarianos Hoy represented Latin America at the Animal & Vegan Advocacy International Summit in Washington, DC, which took place in October this year.

Cecilia Melucci, Vegetarianos Hoy coordinator responsible for the LATAM survey, said: “This type of survey is conducted worldwide to measure the impact of plant-based diets and to have evidence on this dietary pattern at the global and regional level. The data obtained will greatly help promote and support new food trends.”

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