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Whole Foods Markets – Top Food Trend Predictions for 2019

Whole Foods Market’s global buyers and experts have revealed the most anticipated and innovative food trends for 2019. As with some other recent food trend predictions, plant-based and meat-free appear to be the way forward.

The top predictions for 2019 according to Whole Foods are as follows.
Pacific Rim Flavours: vibrant, tropical fruits such as guava, dragon fruit, passionfruit, jackfruit and monk fruit are expected to become the stars of the coming year.
Shelf-Stable Probiotics: due to innovations in food technology, probiotics are making an appearance in 2019 as shelf-stable ingredients, making it possible to be added to a range of pantry staples such as nut butters, soups, granola or oatmeal.
Phat fats: with the rising popularity health-conscious diets and the general shifting consumer mindset, fats are once again becoming popular.
Next Level Hemp: a new interest in the suggested benefits of other parts of hemp plants will likely bring new hemp-based products on the market.

Whole Foods 2019Trends_NextLevelHemp
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Faux Meat Snacks:with plant-based products becoming increasingly popular amongst herbivores and omnivores alike, one of the next trends is meat free “meat” snacks, using mainly mushrooms as a key ingredient for plant-based “pork” and “bacon” snacks.
Eco-Conscious Packaging: even more brands are switching to environmentally friendly packaging and we can also expect to see an emphasis on reusing.
Trailblazing Frozen Treats: new ingredients will keep appearing on the ice cream market, including new, innovative bases like avocado, hummus, tahini and coconut water. Plant-based frozen desserts will continue to grow to meet the increasing demand.
Marine Munchies, Beyond Seaweed: after the rising popularity of seaweed snacks, we can expect to discover even more healthy and interesting flavours from the ocean, such as water lily seeds, plant-based tuna alternatives using algae ingredients, and kelp jerkies.
Snack Time, Upgraded: the demand for ingredient-conscious, healthy snacks will lead the way to new, wholesome snacks.
Purchases that Empower: as consumers expect more from the brands in terms of environmental stewardship and animal welfare, this trend seems to become more people-focused, with people enjoying contributing toward social movements via purchasing goods and services.

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