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Dutch Retailer Albert Heijn Promotes a Plant-Based Christmas With New Magazine

Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn is encouraging customers to try a plant-based Christmas with a special version of its magazine, Allerhande.

The 24-page insert is included in the regular Christmas issue of Allerhande, providing a wide range of plant-based recipes for the festive season. It includes multiple dishes for every course, with options such as a beet tart, a vegan roast dinner, and chocolate mousse. Some of the recipes have been contributed by well-known figures such as Instagram influencer Judith van Willigen, actor and director Sanne Vogel, and illustrator Enzo Pérès-Labourdette.

The magazine also provides suggestions for how Albert Heijn’s selection of meat and dairy alternatives could be used to make Christmas dishes. The supermarket chain launched its new own-brand plant-based line, AH Terra, in September; with 200 products, Albert Heijn claims the range is the largest of its kind in the Netherlands.

Albert Heijn launches AH Terra, an own-label plant-based line with 200 products
© Albert Heijn

“Healthier future”

In mainland Europe, supermarkets are increasingly working to make it easier for consumers to choose plant-based products. In recent months, several chains — such as BILLA, Lidl, Kaufland, and Albert Heijn’s competitor Jumbo — have lowered the prices of plant-based foods to achieve parity with animal products.

While it remains to be seen whether Albert Heijn will also adopt this strategy, the retailer has previously stated that it is committed to plant-based foods. Last year, Albert Heijn said it would be focusing on plant-based as standard, with the aim of making 60% of consumed proteins plant-based by 2030.

“For a healthier future, for people and the planet, it is necessary to eat more vegetable proteins. That is why I think it is so important that we as Albert Heijn take our part in this and help our customers on their way to a more plant-based diet,” said Marit van Egmond, CEO of Albert Heijn.

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